CGI 2024 Summer Camp Hosts Ben & Diane Docktor

Welcome to Camp Gan Israel's


What Are Electives?  

Electives mean that your child chooses (elects) the activities of his/her choice.

We recognize that, in today’s society, children face a wide range of value systems and social pressure, making it difficult for them to develop there own character and celebrate what makes them unique.

A CGI we advocate and celebrate children discovering and expressing their true Jewish selves by creating a liberating environment of love, fun and inclusion.


What Does That Look Like For Our Kids?

Children are welcomed into a world of talent and fun activity; a world of learning and innovation.

We facilitate for the kids to be themselves and express their character freely, while our staff cheer them on.
The children have multiple activity options, with the freedom to choose between them and play as they wish. This enables them to explore while feeling included and safe.

We invest in kids’ boundless capability and goodness.


Electives Samples From Summer 2023

Hockey Shoot Out



Ladder Ball

Sand Boxes


Building Fun


Dance Pad




Pool Table


Battle Ship

Pickle Ball



Lego Fun

Snap Circuits


Arcade basket ball

Culinary Creations

Tether Ball

Jewelry Making

Game Room





Electives Samples From Summer 2018


NATURAL BEVERAGES: Learn the art of blending delicious smoothies and fresh juices.

CHESS: Play chess, and improve your strategies.

NAPKIN FUN: Creatively fold napkins for elegant and fun decor.

Wiffle Ball: Practice the skill and enjoy this high scoring, fun game.

DUCT TAPE ART: Cut, measure, fold and stick. Learn to create your very own bookmarks and girl/boy accessories.

JEWISH FOODS: Have fun making and tasting the classic Jewish Holiday Foods.

CHOIR/DANCE: Develop your talent and enjoy performing!

SOCCER: Learn some valuable rules and techniques; passing, shooting and defending. Take part in practice drills leading up to a big fun-filled game!

BREAKFAST DELICASIES: learn and master new techniques in preparation and, of course, presentation.



PHOTOGRAPHY: Learn how to set the lighting, the rule of thirds and how to capture those moments! (Digital) Camera needed.

AMERICAN HANDBALL: Practice and compete in the skill of this fast pace, fun sport.

DRAMA: bring out that talent through drama games, acting and performing!

HOCKEY: Play it! Practice it! Love it! It's hockey time!

PAPER CREATIONS: paper is a great tool, especially in art!

FRUIT ART: use delicious fruit to make beautiful creations!

BOARD GAME FUN: have a blast trying out different board games!

ALL READY FOR SHABBOS: enjoy preparing classic yummy shabbos dishes!

BASKETBALL: practice shooting, passing and team playing... but most importantly, have fun!

3D STRUCTURES: Learn the right techniques and have fun building your own creative structures!