5784 Counselor's Agreement

  • Thank you for considering joining Camp Gan Israel of Calgary. We are thrilled to invite you to join our staff this summer as a Counselor. Assuming you accept and submit this agreement promptly, you will be part of an incredible team that is dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for campers. With your hard work and commitment, combined with the Rebbe's brachos, we are confident that this summer will be a resounding success. 

    - Camp starts on Tuesday 26 Sivan / July 2nd and ends Friday 5 Av / August 9th.
    - Counselors arrive to Calgary the Thursday before camp begins. 
    - When camp is over, counselors leave Calgary after shabbos. 

  • This agreement has 3 parts 

    1. What we expect from you 

    2. What you can expect from us 

    3. Your information and consent 

  • Pre-Season

    • Complete this Staff Agreement Form, as well as send your current health insurance card and other required forms, by email to [email protected]

    • We require all staff members to have health insurance that is valid in Canada and compatible with your trip to Calgary. Please make sure you have your health insurance card with you in case of any emergencies. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them with us beforehand. 

    • Canadian citizens are required to have an SIN. If you don't yet have one, we expect you to do what's needed to apply in a timely fashion.

    • Participate in all staff pre-training and activities. 

  • At Camp

    • Be fully devoted to the children for the entire 7-hour camp day and before/after care, as arranged. You must never leave campers alone under any circumstances, and at least one counselor should always be with them. While with them, you should engage in activities such as teaching, singing, playing, cheering, and building relationships with campers. 

    • Be punctual at all times. Staff members must be at camp by 8:30 AM to greet arriving campers and prepare for the day. 

    • Take part in extended care, which is a rotating shift between counselors. If you are assigned to extended care, arrive on time and engage with the children in a warm and welcoming manner. In case of good warm weather, with approval from the head counselor and director, extended care may be outside only if the children have hats, sunscreens, and water. 

    • Greet campers and parents with a smile in the morning. 

    • Ensure that you are well-rested and energetic for the duration of the camp day. 

    • Wear a camp T-shirt every day (provided by CGI). 

    • Look neat and put-together. As a representative of the Rebbe, your dress code must be one that befits such a status. Standards of tznius for our staff include, but are not limited to: 
      A) Skirts must cover the knees at all times, with no slits. 
      B) Leg coverings must be no shorter than knee socks and no leggings. 
      C) Sleeves must cover the elbows at all times. 
      D) Necklines must cover the collarbone at all times. 
      E) Clothing must not be tight or provocative.

      This is very important to us and is non-negotiable. 

    • Properly prepare and teach Shiur to your bunk, with the support of the head staff. 

    • Supervise your campers at all times of the day, especially on trips and at the pool. When possible, counselors should be in the pool with the campers. 

    • Ensure that your room is left clean and orderly when leaving for trips and at the end of each day. The lights and AC should be turned off, and lost & found items should be returned. 

    • Attend weekly Shiur and meetings as required. 

    • Cell phones are not permitted on campgrounds until your workday is done. 

    • All staff activities outside of camp hours must first be approved by a camp director as to time, place, and manner of activity. This includes Sunday activities. In addition, a head staff member must know of your whereabouts at all times. 

    • Camp is for both boys and girls ages 3-12. The head counselor and director will decide the bunk assigned to you, with consideration of your preference. 

  • What You Can Expect From Us:

    1. A fun-filled, fulfilling, and inspiring summer shlichus. 

    2. Our constant support, including daily conversations about how camp is going. 

    3. Our undying, endless appreciation of all your hard work, which includes: 


    CGI will arrange and pay for your round-trip flight to and from Calgary, and CGI will arrange and pay for your roundtrip flight to and from Calgary and, if we RECEIVED THE LUGGAGE RECEIPT, we will cover the first piece of checked luggage.. We will also provide ground transportation to and from the airport here in Calgary. 


    CGI will provide an apartment for you to live in. Counselors are responsible for bringing their own linen, including sheets, duvet cover, pillowcase, and towels. We will provide a blanket and pillow.


    CGI will provide all camp-related transportation for our counselors. Only those drivers authorized before camp will be driving. 


    Although counselors officially work on a volunteer basis, we give each counselor $65 CAD spending money each week. 


    All meals and/or food supplies will be provided by CGI. 


    CGI will assist the head counselors in planning outings and trips for the weekends whenever possible. 


    All Canadian citizens must have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) as this allows Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta to qualify for government grants. This is a must! 

  • Additional Information: 

    Please print your legal name clearly the way it should be printed on your airline ticket. Note that this must match any government ID you may show. 

  • In the unlikely event that you need to leave Calgary for a family simcha or an emergency, your parents should contact Mrs. Mushka Matusof to work out all travel arrangements. Depending on the particular circumstances, CGI will make every effort to assist you with your needs. 

    In the unlikely event of a breach of contract, inability to perform said duties, or if continued employment is not in the best interest of the children or program, CGI reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement with reasonable explanation and thereafter have no obligation to you. 

    If you decide to quit and terminate this agreement, you agree to wait until a suitable replacement (agreed to by the director) is found. You will be responsible for all incurred charges, including airline tickets. 

    By signing this contract, you agree to these terms and conditions and to follow them with the proper attitude of a Camp Gan Israel staff member. We are looking forward to working with you and making this summer an unforgettable experience for everyone. 

    I agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this contract and pledge to fulfill my responsibilities as a Camp Gan Israel Calgary staff member with a positive and dedicated attitude. I am excited to serve as a counselor at Camp CGI Calgary this upcoming summer and contribute to a fun, safe, and enriching Jewish experience for all our campers. 

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