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What do Parents Say?


"I think the whole experience of the camp was wonderful. The children were very pleasant, and seemed to enjoy all the camp had to offer. Which is very important as the camp is for the children. The councillors and the director were on top of things at all times, no matter what the circumstances were which was terrific. Also I even enjoyed myself as an adult working with the children on a daily basis; I had as much fun as they did."
Irene Kenny

"Group Cohesiveness is one of the strongest points in CGI - Everyone seems to come together as a group and belong together. My children always come home from camp with "new friends that they have met".The staff are so wonderful with the children that my daughter cried for two days after camp finished because she wouldn't see her camp counsellor for another year. As a parent, I am impressed that a camp could have such an effect on a child in such a short period of time."
Rivkah & Barel Zipursky

"Natalie had a wonderful time and looks forward to coming back next year."
Lisa Pinchas

"The strongest points in camp was 1) Music - songs and dance. Jake came back knowing all the blessings and could sing them to me when we read through his Gan Izzy Siddur. He really enjoyed having his very own book to read from. What a great idea! 2) Day trips - it was great for the camp to adventure out with the little ones offering them some wonderful experiences in the full day program. When my son falls asleep as soon as the car door closes after experiencing a day at Camp Gan Izzy, I know he's had a productive and active day. This makes me very happy."
Jodi and Dan Goldstein

"Me: "Danica, what did you like about Camp Gan Israel?"
Danica: "I liked ALL of the things!"
Danica enjoyed herself very much in the two weeks she was at camp, so much that she will attended next summer for the whole 4 weeks full day. Some of the strongest points are 1) the trips because the kids really look forward to going on them and it is not the usual type of things kids do at camp, 2) the closeness of the councillors with the kids."
Teresa Cheyfetz

"Bethy had the most wonderful time at Camp Gan Izzy, thank you for providing her with such a wonderful experience."
Terri Wexler

"כל הכבוד למושקי ורחל לאה" Merav & Nati Klein

"I would to thank Camp Gan Israel staff for making Noah's first camp experience such a rewarding and positive one. He looked forward every day to going. Noah looked forward every day to doing different things. The staff was extremely friendly and caring. The camp was so all encompassing that I can't image what else you could possibly do that would make it any better."
Maureen Popiolek

"My girls 5 1/2 and 4 years old loved camp - it was their first time at CGI. You know your child is happy when she wakes you up at 6:50 a.m (all dressed and ready for the day) and tells you not to forget to take her to camp!!!! The fact that the counselors knew all the kids by first name and were so hands on with them meant a lot to my girls - who are usually very shy. The kids loved the creative activities, looking at the pictures of their day on the computer and of course the Shabbat party every Friday. Thank You CGI!"
Tricia Shimonov

"I would like to thank Izzy Camp and all its staff members for providing an unforgettable experience for my son."
Lilach Neev

"The camp was fun experience for my child, she learned a lot from the activities they were doing."
Julia Gary Spivak

"Dorit was very pleased with the camp and everyday she came home with a different and exiting thing to tell me about camp.   Very pleased!"
Michal Gerov

"My three preschool children have never been so happy to go to camp. At camp Gan Izzy they received a lot of love and affection. The councillors were very caring and affectionate. The activities were very interesting, educational and fun. They had a wonderful time. We hope to return next year again."
Iris Grisaru

"Camp Gan Israel was a wonderful experience for my 3 1/2 year old twin boys .The councillors were caring and very responsible, the activities were stimulating yet age appropriate as were the outings. The boys loved the environment, smiling faces everyday when I went to fetch them and were eager to return everyday! I would highly recommend Camp Gan Israel to any parent who wants their child to have a positive, fun-filled and meaningful Jewish camp experience."
Dr. Sharon Bean

"Both of our children loved Camp! Each day was filled with exciting, varied, fun-filled activities. The counselors provided a warm, loving environment with tremendous spirit!"
Ellen & Erik Coren

"Our son Jacob really enjoyed the trips, the singing, activities and friends he made last summer. We were very impressed with the way the staff went out of their way to care for us in our family's time of need."
Hannah H.

"Sarah really loved her time at CGI. She treasured the personal attention from the camp and the friendships she made."
Alona Meyers

"While I say it to other parents in the community a lot, perhaps I don't say it to you guys enough. CGI is the best day camp in the city. I am continuously impressed with everything that you do."
Jamie Cheyfetz

"It has been a pleasure for my children to participate this past summer. They had opportunities that thrill children and they came home talking about it. I particularly enjoyed the Jewish traditions of challah-making, and prayers. I am pleased to share that only the most positive outcome can be told. I am uncertain how this was all feasible, but I praise the team and leadership for doing an astounding job."
Frances Ludmer

"Thank you so much CGI for a wonderful camp, this year and every year. The kids can't wait to go to camp every morning and come home raving about their day. The field trips and lunches are fantastic, but the highlight is the counsellors who really make a personal connection with each camper."
Marina Segal

"Thank you so much CGI for a wonderful camp, this year and every year. The kids can't wait to go to camp every morning and come home raving about their day. The field trips and lunches are fantastic, but the highlight is the counsellors who really make a personal connection with each camper."
Miri Shpigel